Lukáš Čenda Grüner (Mr. G)


Former student ofAcademyofperformingarts in Prague. Born in Beroun, Czech Republic.Lukas Starteddoing music for a living as a street musician (most ofenglishspeakingcoutriesare using a specialword „Busker“forthiskindofartsdiciplineJ)

Despitethefactthat he comesfrom Czech, his homesceneisin Nurnberg, Germany, where hestillpartlylives and where he got most of his music experience and influence. There he happened to perform most ofall hisshows and has beencollaboratingwithotherartistsfromlocal music scene. Hewas and sometimesstillisperformingwithbandscalled „Greetfrom street“, „Springleaves&fire“. Last year heappearedas gueston their studio albums.Recently he ismemberof a Czech-German-American band calledMr.G&Vagabond.

Besides his homescenes he gained his experience byperforming on music festivals, streets and clubs in Switzerland, Slovakia, France, Holland and Taiwan.

Nowhe’sready and veryexcited to shareall his artistexperiencewithstudentsfrom „Singingisfun“ school!

"I’m not a traditional singing teacher, so classes with me won’t be as you might know from (if you already had some) other teachers. Of course we’re going to have a look at your voice technique, but my real intentions and goals I want to reach with my future students are that all of you who are going to study your singing and performing skills with me are gonna understand what you are singing about. I don’tmean just the message and meaning of the song (I guess google translator might be enough for this). What I really mean is being fully connected to your deep emotions and your soul and feel the music you make through your whole body. I’m gonna do my best to help you to learn how to bring a real emotion to your act (not faked as some artists like to do). Cause according to my philosophy, that’s the only way how you can truly enjoy doing music no matter how much of a talent you were born with or how much of skills you already have. It’s not gonna happen over night and you bet it’s gonna be a long road with me, but you will love the result, I’m sure about that!

It’s never too late to start with what you were dreaming about and it‘s not always just about the experience and skills you have!

I can’t say that I’m gonna make everone a super cool proffesional, but I assure you that there is way more music inside everyone then you might think and I’ll do my best to help you find it!