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I have always admired musicians, gazed dreamily at singers standing on stage and possessing the enormous gift of singing. The idea of learning how to sing has been playing in my mind since a boy told me that it really is possible. I thought that singing was something one either had within or not, which I quickly realized was nonsense after just a few hours with Beego. It took me two years to gather the courage to start, and I am extremely happy that I did and I only regret not starting earlier. Even happier am I that it was a bull's-eye from the start because it would have been difficult to find a better teacher - someone who has a personal approach to each student is rare to come by. I love Beego the most, and I look forward to every lesson with her. And when I sometimes felt like I couldn't do it, there was always the kind and gentle Beego who never allowed me to believe such thoughts. Believing in oneself is sometimes difficult, but when someone like Beego believes in you so convincingly, it only pushes you in the right direction. Thank you, our dear Beego, for allowing me to be your student.
Andrea Kalousová
Andrea Kalousová
After several years of singing in a band, I thought to myself that maybe I could finally learn to sing properly. I sang before I could speak (like most of us, I guess) and I just love singing. I started my "career" as a little brat in a choir at a basic art school. As a slightly bigger brat in high school, I disrupted my mom's choir's discipline and moral values, for which I regularly received a beating from my dad... The only boy among thirty girls? Of course, it was worth it, you understand... A little later, a band came along, and the role of lead singer/frontman kind of fell to me. At that time, I was probably the only one who could "kind of" handle this position. Then came the first concerts, first bad habits, first fatigue, and voice losses... To be honest, I was never satisfied with my tone. I "learned" by trial and error, watched various videos on YouTube, and thought it would be nice to find a teacher. No. It was a necessity and my future as a singer depended on it! The legends of Beego and her school were brought to the Šumava mountains long ago by the wind. But I lacked the determination to pick up the phone for at least another year. (So now you know...) I don't have to emphasize how happy I am that I finally did it. The rumors were true! Beego is simply a treasure. Amazing, smiling, constantly full of energy, and ready to get the maximum out of you. No theoretical textbook lessons, but individual approach and advice from someone who has tried it on themselves. That's exactly what you need! Suddenly, I enjoy concerts 1000% more, I'm not tired, and I don't mind several concerts a day, a weekend... I could write a book about it, and even then, the impressions of how much it helps me wouldn't fit into it. That's just what you need, want, and most importantly, you have to try it. And I warn you - "Bee" is highly addictive and it can't be cured! P.S. Oh, and Beego is also the only reason why it's worth driving to Prague for 60 minutes.
Honza Tláskal |
I definitely got to Beego thanks to fate. I thought that after 11 years of singing lessons, 12 years of making a living with music and singing in many bands, and full-time work as a singing and piano teacher at a music school, nothing could surprise me or give me a real boost anymore, but... Already in the first lesson, Beego impressed me with their approach, precision, and infectious positive energy so much that I immediately subscribed for 10 lessons - even though I don't have much time for lessons between all my activities, but it's worth it!! 🙂 My wish was to expand my vocal range and get out of my comfort zone, which Beego manages to do 200%. They "torture" me the whole hour, but in the end, everything turns out well, we high-five, and I happily leave home charged not only with positive energy but also with new knowledge and the will to fulfill my (not only) musical dreams. I'm very glad I met Beego - not only as a singing teacher but primarily as a person. P.S. It probably won't surprise anyone that Beego is the only one who has "forced" me to practice in the last 17 years of my singing.
Lucie Víšková/Zemanová
I got to Beego completely by chance through a friend's recommendation, whom I also met by chance at the same time. He told me that she was exactly the person I needed to help me with my singing and confidence. I thought I'd give it a try. And now I'm immensely glad I took that step. I feel progress even after a few hours. Beego is also a great person, human, energetic both on stage and in real life, and knows how to get the most out of people. She teaches with an exceptionally great technique using a mirror. She tailors the lessons individually according to the student's type. She can explain, advise, motivate and push towards your desired goal. I'm looking forward to more lessons with Beego. Thank her, Singing is Fun lessons, and also thank you for the coincidences that lead me to the right people, the right directions.
Nikola Ďuricová (Slovensko) |
Hello, my name is Jakub and I've been going to Beego's lessons for almost a year now. I approached her through a friend who had already been attending her lessons and I noticed her progress, which motivated me to start doing something myself. I had terrible stage fright, afraid that someone would hear me sing because I had no confidence at first. This was mainly due to the fact that I had no prior experience performing or positive feedback, but it was still my secret dream. Over time, we eliminated bad habits, improved vocal articulation and expanded my vocal range. With each lesson, my confidence grew and over the year, I managed to perform live four times and thus overcome my stage fright. What I like most about Beego is that she is positive, ambitious, and a great singer. If you no longer feel like you're making progress and want to take it to the next level, definitely give it a try!
Jakub Pazderka
I came across the SIF website while browsing the internet, when I was specifically looking for singing lessons. The website and Facebook page caught my attention - the content, positive reviews, student community, shared musical events... I had never come across anything like this before. So I thought that it could be more than just attending singing lessons and I wrote to Beego, who called me shortly after and went through the basics with me.

What is Beego like and what sets her apart from other teachers I've had the chance to meet? She is friendly, attentive, and pleasantly surprised me with her personal approach. Beego not only devotes herself to me during lessons, but also gladly advises me, gives feedback, cares about my motivation, and supports me on my journey. When I have a problem with something, she tries to come up with tailored lessons for me. She doesn't just advise on how to sing better, but also how to deal with stage fright, helps students overcome barriers by organizing karaoke nights, open mics, workshops... It's great that she doesn't just see it as a job. She puts in much more effort!

I had fun with SIF! I also experienced sadness that something wasn't going well, singing practice is hard work! I also experienced the joy of sharing something with others, I had a beautiful evening at an open mic and I hope to experience many more events like this. I'm still learning, like how to experience singing more deeply, how to give songs juice, how to produce the right sound :)))

You don't need a lot of courage to sing with Beego, although not everyone is immediately capable of singing when put under the microscope. But Beego will give you courage and support you. If you want it, success will definitely come!
I learned about Singingisfun singing lessons by chance from a friend. The first pleasant change was definitely the teaching in a home environment rather than in a school classroom. One can relax better. I came to Beego without any expectations. But after the first few lessons, I felt that I was starting to enjoy it and was looking forward to the next class. Beego has an interesting teaching approach, and she practices techniques in a more entertaining way, such as through cover songs that can then be recorded in a studio with the student. She also has a very personal approach to each of us, helping me with my own creativity. With all the teachers I've had, lessons ended with the slamming of the door. With Beego, it's different. You know she's thinking of you when you go to the studio or to a concert, she calls you when she thinks of some technical gadget or back vocal for a song... In the two and a quarter years that I have been attending Singingisfun lessons, I have learned to believe in myself and what I do, to control my voice, to overcome fear, and more. In addition to all of that, through Beego, I have met a lot of other great musicians. I definitely recommend Beego! Her energy is as incredible as her experience!
Bechy (Kateřina Becherová) |
The story of how I got to Beego is a funny one that ended with a funny task: "find a singing teacher who can teach rock singing, conduct lessons in English, and teach a complete beginner (me) and a guy who is an excellent musician and wants to work on himself." Beego was able to accept this challenge and create absolutely incredible customized lessons for the two of us! After years of being convinced that singing was definitely not for me, it was Beego who opened the door for me and showed me that it would definitely work if I didn't stop working on myself. Beego is a living geyser of energy that she can transmit to her students, yet she never runs out of it. Singing with her is like plugging your own battery into a charger and after the lesson, having it charged to 100%. Thanks for everything!
Šárka Tesařová
I got to know about Beego through a recommendation from a friend at work, who had been going to her for some time and couldn't praise her enough. I thought it was time to start doing something with singing because I always enjoyed it. After less than a year, I evaluate this step very positively. Not only did Beego help me eliminate various bad habits associated with poor articulation, breathing, etc., but she was also very patient and always positive, which helped me improve my singing in every way. Even though I was sometimes annoying and unwilling to do some exercises, she simply made me refine the given thing, and that is probably the biggest benefit. In addition to improving my singing itself, she also offered me to perform publicly, which pushes a person forward. I definitely recommend her to everyone!
Marek Přibramský
"Beego!" "Try Beego!" "I went to Beego and it was great..." I heard from those around me every time I sighed and said I needed a (solid) singing teacher. So I tried it. On my first visit to Singing Is Fun, I went with skepticism in my heart, fueled by previous experiences with various teachers. "Hmm, you're not good at this, I can't help you with that..." "You're old, it won't work anymore..." "Yeah, you don't have a music notebook? And how do you expect to learn to sing without a music notebook?" It took Beego less than ten minutes to convince me that it could be done and essentially, that if both sides want it, everything is possible. Where linear guidebook and conventional teaching methods hit barriers and teachers lack creativity, that's where Singing Is Fun lessons begin. And they skillfully jump backwards with a double somersault. Beego has a unique and playful teaching style. She won't be discouraged by failure and will try various techniques on you until you simply learn! And I, after fifteen years of screaming in a punk band, am a tough nut to crack. Beego is a small atomic bomb ready to explode again and again, and sweep you away with a wave of positive energy, teach you to sing, and (don't ask me how) subtly make you look at life from a better perspective. I am grateful and happy to be her student. 🙂
Ondřej Off
"The singing lessons in Singing is Fun gave me a lot, not only musically, but also on a personal level. I don't know a more inspiring person than Beego, so I don't regret having the opportunity to take lessons from this great person. I've known Beego from concerts for several years and she always seemed like a very energetic person. A few years passed and I decided that I needed to improve my singing skills by a lot. Fate and the power of Facebook wanted me to learn from her. So thanks to FB and connections there, I found out that Beego teaches singing. Since it was my first experience with singing lessons, I can't judge and evaluate it with other practices, but I really appreciated the honesty, home environment, relaxed and friendly approach. The lessons gave me so much. I learned how to work not only with myself, but also how to sing properly and use my body to produce the best sound. Thanks to this knowledge and foundation, I realized that I was actually doing everything wrong. I see learning to sing a song of your own choice as a great advantage. A song that you like and that motivates you is an excellent way to improve more and more. Unfortunately, my experience is short, but it is enough for me to know that I can recommend Singing is Fun to everyone who wants to improve not only musically, but also in life. Vocal coach Beego will give you as much energy and motivation as perhaps no one else. I look forward to further cooperation and I thank you for the honor and opportunity to learn from the best!"
Tereza Vincourová
I got to Beego thanks to my wonderful sister, who accidentally discovered the Singing is Fun website and said, "Hey, this looks cool, you should try it!" - for which I'm now incredibly grateful! Singing alone in the shower is fine, but if you want to make progress and move forward, one solution is to start studying singing. Yes, it's hard work, when something didn't go well for me, I would get angry and didn't want to continue, but every time I entered that incredibly friendly atmosphere - at Beego's lessons, it was she who gave me an incredible amount of energy, which allowed me to push myself further, and gradually, results started to come in, and I was getting to a place where I had never been before. Thanks to the great leadership of the positive, energetic, and incredibly motivating singer Beego, I began to manage my stage fright, I wasn't afraid to explore what else I could do with my voice. New possibilities opened up for me, and singing began to be a great source of joy for me. Beego is my great role model and at the same time a person I can always turn to with my own work, share my progress in music, and her door is always open for me, for which I am very grateful! I would definitely recommend Singing is Fun to anyone looking for someone who can help them not only with their musical development but also with their personal growth. I'm looking forward to more collaborations!
Martina Havlíčková
Lucka Vonásková pushed me towards Beego because I kept complaining about how I had to do something about my singing, that I often shouted at concerts, and how people claimed that singing was the weak point of our band, which frustrated me. When the band was considering adding a solo singer, I said "Enough!" and within two days I was standing in front of Beego in front of a mirror. I knew that besides technique, my singing problem also had to do with my psyche and self-confidence, and I dare say that after five months with Beego, we made great progress in both. Besides participating in Prague Open Mic, where I sang solo for the first time, I consider a great moment when Beego first told me that I had it and that I could sing, which was a turning point for me. I am starting to feel like a singer, not just a guitarist, and the main thing is that I benefit from our lessons at concerts (warm-up exercises before the set, breathing, opening the mouth, tone color), the progress is noticeable, and I feel much better. I also greatly appreciate Beego's incredible drive, where she fills me with energy during a single lesson, and she has a genuine interest in what I do in music and outside of lessons. The fact that I respect and like her means that I learn from her more easily, and she is a great asset in my not only musical life. I highly recommend her.
Nikola Kandoussi
(singer and guitar player at The Agony) |
I first discovered Beego on Youtube in Say Something while searching for something completely different. It took me more than half a year to reach out for the first time. The first contact was through messages, followed by about a half-hour phone call to arrange the first lesson. I went to the first lesson with apprehension and a tight throat, but one thing made me happy. Since elementary school, I have hated notes. And I really don't learn from them. Since then, everything has turned around thanks to a few things: a friendly approach, targeted learning, willingness, and patience. I literally look forward to every lesson. Although they are fun lessons, I take away a lot of valuable information from them and feel a big leap in myself during that time. I can't imagine learning from a "singing teacher." If you want to get rid of the trouble of stage fright when singing, go to Beego. If you want to learn how to sing, go to Beego. Because it is precisely her who means well for you, who will tell you the truth to your face and put your feet on the ground. Thank you very much, Beego.
Tomáš Bárta
When I realized that I enjoy singing enough, I started looking for a teacher. I had two trial lessons with other teachers. One of them seemed inexperienced, praised me throughout the whole lesson, and I felt that I wouldn't progress much with him. The other teacher, compared to SIF, was super expensive and also seemed quite uninitiative when I asked if she could introduce me to some other musicians. I didn't have to ask this with Beego. 🙂 Lessons with Beego are great. I feel improvement already after a few lessons, although I'm still far from satisfied. Thanks to the mirror technique, I can see for myself at home during practice what is right and what is not. I have a precise plan and specific homework, thanks to which I feel better and more confident every week. It takes a lot of work and I need to devote more time to it, but the SIF lessons convinced me that I can really be a great singer if I work hard on myself.
Jakub Kinlovič (Slovensko)
From a young age, I sang in the Kvodlibet choir until around the age of 14, where I learned singing techniques, mainly in falsetto. When I was around 17, I sang in my first punk band and for a few years in the school choir where we could sing whatever we wanted. I started teaching myself how to sing in a band with a full voice, rather than just at home with YouTube, by trying out various techniques I had heard and practicing them, and ultimately developing a lot of bad habits. A year ago, when it came to recording with my band again, I said that I didn't want to do any more amateurish experiments and that I wanted to finally make good recordings. I told this to Honza Bláha, and he sent me to Beego during the recording session, saying something like, "If you want it to be good, go see Beego. I know her, she's a great person and she'll definitely help you. At least go there for a few hours." I got angry and hated Bláha for a while, but I immediately called Beego and went to my first lesson, where I paid for a full 10-hour subscription so that I wouldn't quit right away. 😀 After the first few lessons, where I got over my stage fright and sang without a microphone or band in front of a "stranger", and where we repeated and corrected basic techniques, we started working on the song "The Star" that I wanted to record at the time. After about two months of work, the result from the studio was much better than anything I had managed on my own. So I stayed with Beego because she helps me keep pushing forward, practice new techniques, different genres in a modern way, and with tricks that conservative teachers wouldn't tell you, or wouldn't let you do. So I recommend Beego and Singing is Fun, whether you want to sing ACDC or Lady Gaga.
Julie Gsly
(singer Chilli Eyes a InRush)
I came to Beego's lesson because it's rumored that she is the best rock and roll singer in our country. I needed help with not screaming too much during concerts. We play punk and when we played double gigs (God forbid, a double gig on Friday and another one on Saturday), I would strain my voice, get hoarse, sing poorly, and have to recover from it for the entire following week. Our former singer left due to vocal cord strain, so I decided to deal with it early on. Beego is great, compared to other teachers, she has a clear plan, so progress is visible, and I understand exactly what I need to practice and how. After three months of working together, I can handle days of screaming without hoarseness, I threw away Vincentka (throat spray recommended by my former teacher) and even my electronic cigarette (vocal hygiene that my former teacher taught me). Don't be afraid to come to her with anything that doesn't work for you or what you want to learn. In addition to technique, she also prepares you for the studio and solves specific problems on specific songs. I'm really looking forward to every lesson, and thanks to Beego, I'm enjoying singing more and more.
Lucie Vonásková |
If you had asked me a year ago if I would learn to sing, I'm not sure what I would have answered. However, when one of my good friends started talking about how he had recently started taking singing lessons and how great the lessons were at a place called Beego, I decided to try one lesson and see how it went. I had an idea that I would be getting a music lesson, something like in school. The reality, however, was completely different. Before the lesson, Beego called me and we talked for maybe half an hour about why I actually wanted to sing and what I hoped to gain from it. She was interested in my expectations. She asked me to think about what I wanted to learn in the following months and how much time I could devote to practicing regularly. To make a long story short, she pleasantly surprised me with her energetic, precise, and purposeful approach in creating a tailor-made study plan. I even gained the impression that the lessons would be rather formal. However, when I attended the first lesson, another surprise awaited me. Beego was able to combine my ambitious goals with a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere of teaching. She created a plan and lessons where I don't go because I have to or should, but because I want to and with each lesson, I feel more motivated to improve. If you were to ask me what the sign of a good teacher is, I would probably tell you that it is the ability to teach each individual according to their abilities, goals, and needs. And Beego's approach completely suits me in this regard.
Looke Luka
I remember my first meeting with Beego. At that time, I was a scared, muttering boy who was afraid to express himself. And I wanted to give up my dream of playing in musicals. In the end, my mom "pushed" me to meet Beego. I was really scared because I didn't know what to expect. Beego completely exceeded my expectations. She was not only beautiful but also smart, kind, and funny. You could talk to her like a peer. The first lesson was a bit clumsy, but that was due to my nerves. Since then, everything has gone smoothly. Despite my mistakes, Beego never gave up on me, constantly repeating what is important for me and my voice. It is her merit that I gathered the courage and went to try it at the International Conservatory. I considered, consider, and will consider Beego one of the best singing teachers.
Tomáš Brychta
When I remember the first day when I came to Beego with fears and told her that I want to sing, it's almost unbelievable. Back then, I was using my voice, according to my opinion, only about 20%, and my self-confidence was at its lowest point, if not lower. I didn't know that one day I would perform in front of people and sing a song. I didn't even dream (in my real dreams) that one day I would record my first cover. Gradually, I uncover more and more the beauty of my voice. Gradually, I discover more and more the possibilities of my voice. And thus, my goals and dreams rise. And even when I had phases when I couldn't do it and thought that I couldn't, there was kind, amazing, and patient Beego who believed in me more than I believed in myself. It's unbelievable how warm-hearted she is. I could even confide in her about my unpleasant events, and I realized how empathic she is and how much she really wants to help me open up so that I can express myself fully. I like that she adjusts and customizes the lessons according to my possible requirements. I'm truly lucky that I could meet Beego because I don't think I would have found my way to singing and truly expressing myself otherwise. I love singing! I find something therapeutic or, in other words, healing my soul in singing. It's an honor for me to learn from Beego, and I'm grateful for every lesson, event, and workshop. You are the best. ❤ I love you so much! ❤
I started attending singing lessons with Beego because I needed to start expressing myself in my band as a reliable backup vocalist to the guitar. It didn't take long for us to successfully remove the barriers in my head and my vocal (in)technique that prevented me from singing "from the bottom of my lungs". However, our joint activity did not stop at singing lessons and soon grew into shared time at my studio, at the piano, or composing songs for her solo career; at the same time, I am now also recording other students for Beego is a creative and experienced musician and teacher who can adapt to a person and lead them to their goal! I would recommend lessons to anyone who is pursuing their goal and does not want to stick to conventional music. You will look forward to the lessons, you can work on exactly the material you want to focus on, and before you know it, you will be surrounded by a community of great colleagues who revolve around Beego. And it's not just anyone: it's amazing how many people I now regularly see who have been brought together by Beego! When you first record your favorite song and listen to the result with a satisfied smile, you will realize that your well-directed efforts are worth it. Thumbs up!
Jakub Rissaweg |
I originally got into singing lessons thanks to my ex-girlfriend, who gave me the first 10 lessons as a Christmas gift voucher through her friend (who happened to be a student at Beego at the time). I wouldn't change it for anything. In my opinion, Beego's teaching differs primarily in that every student is, in fact, also a friend outside of class, making it more personal. Furthermore, from what I can compare, the teaching is focused on specific shortcomings that are worked on, interspersed with self-study at home, etc. But above all, the approach to students. Thanks to this, I learned the basics of techniques and breath work, and I am able to better realize the melodies that I have in my head and get very close to them or even reach them/conquer them. Singers or beginners should try Beego's lessons for the aforementioned reasons, and for the first attempt and hour, they won't regret it. They can then decide whether this approach suits them and continue the cooperation. The Beego instructor is very friendly, always smiling and positive, able to advise on a specific problem and find a solution for it. She is very dedicated to what she does, and above all, it is evident that she enjoys helping and passing on her years of experience. I would definitely recommend Singing is Fun to all those who are interested in improving and taking their singing to a completely different level, and that applies not only to beginners but also to advanced students. And the truth is, I have already recommended her lessons to several people in my surroundings.
Natty Ryal |
I learned about Beego as a singing teacher from our band manager. I had previously seen her on stage with the band and always admired her range, technique, and energy that she put into singing and performing. When I got the opportunity to learn from her, I didn't hesitate. In the past, I had experience with several singing teachers, but most of them had a strict and learned teaching approach. With Beego, it's different, significantly more fun and productive. She adapts the lessons to your needs and always figures out what it takes to make it better. She knows what she's doing, and thanks to her, you'll know too! Together we worked on the entire album of my band, and she was a crucial driving force and invaluable advisor for me. Singing with Beego is not only fun, it's the FUN.
Barbora Hájková |


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