Lukas Cenda Grüner

musician | singer | songwriter | busker

Graduate of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Born in Beroun, Czech Republic. Lukáš began making a living as a street musician (called busking in most English-speaking countries) in spite of coming from the Czech Republic. His home scene, however, is Nuremberg, Germany, where he still temporarily lives and where he gained most of his musical experience. He has also collaborated with other musicians from the local scene there, such as the bands “Greet from Street” and “Springleaves & Fire.” He appeared as a guest on both bands’ albums last year. He is currently a member of the Czech-German-American group Mr.G & Vagabond. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he was forced to move most of his activities back home to the Czech Republic, where he co-founded the modern country/pop duo “The Grizzly Brothers” with his colleague from his past in the theater, Lukáš Pánek (Leonardomusic, Prague open Mic house band), during the first lockdowns.

He also occasionally performs as a duo with his partner Lucia, as “Lukas & Lucia,” and, in his words, occasionally strums his guitar or “noodling” for a forthcoming album when nicely asked.

At the end of 2022, he won the “Oreo buskers competition CZ&SK,” an authorial competition organized by the television channel “Óčko” for the best street musician, competing with a music video for his original song “Home.”

In addition to his home scene, he gained experience performing at festivals, on the streets, and in clubs in Switzerland, Slovakia, France, and Taiwan.

Now, he is ready and excited to share his experience with the students of the “Singing is Fun” school!

“I’m not a traditional teacher, as you might be used to (if you’ve had one before), so my lessons may be something new for you. Of course, we’ll look at your technique together, but my main goal is for my future students to know what they’re singing about and, therefore, be capable of a real and uncalculated experience of their act. So that they can feel the music with their whole being. I’ll do everything I can to help you bring out real emotions in your performance (no calculation, like some performers might show). According to my musical philosophy, this is the only way to truly and genuinely enjoy your performance and just practice music as such, regardless of how much talent you have or how much experience you have. We won’t achieve this overnight; it will be a long journey, but I’m sure you’ll like the result!

It’s never too late to start with what you dream of, and experience or abilities may not always be the most important things!

“I can’t promise to make a perfect professional out of everyone, but I can assure you that there is much more music in everyone than many people might think, and I will help you find it! I’m really looking forward to our collaboration!”