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The Singing is Fun instructors are carefully selected and trained to meet our high standards of teaching quality. At the same time, we focus on personalities who have a friendly approach and are capable of leading lessons in an entertaining way.

Beego Shea

singer | lecturer | founder

I come from the small Slovak town of Námestovo. I have been singing since I was 6 years old and I was an exhibitionist as a child and the stage was my world. 🙂

I successfully represented my primary and later secondary school, my town and district at various singing competitions and public events. I attended a folk art school and sang in the church choir in my spare time. Since 1998, I have started to teach choral singing for younger students myself.

In the end, I went to the Czech Republic to pursue music, so that I could fulfill my dream. I started in a big beat band in Prague, where I went through rock school. Meanwhile, I developed my skills in other music projects and dance activities. To improve my vocal potential, I attended private opera lessons with Professor Vavrečková.

In 2004, I took part in Slovak Superstar and in the first year of Czechoslovak Superstar I became the 15th most successful Slovak woman in the competition. It was a nice experience. I myself have gone through several musical genres because I enjoy discovering and expanding my musical horizons.



Lukáš Čenda Grüner (Mr.G)

musician | singer | lecturer | busker

A former student of the Academy of performing arts in Prague. Born in Beroun, Czech Republic. Lukas started doing music for a living as a street musician (most English speaking countries are using a special word „Busker“ for this kind of art discipline)

Despite the fact that he comes from Czechia, his home scene is in Nurnberg, Germany, where he still partly lives and where he got most of his musical experience and influence. There he happened to perform most of all his shows and has been collaborating with other artists from the local music scene. He was and sometimes still is performing with bands called „Greet from Street“, „Springleaves & Fire“. Last year he appeared as gues ton their studio albums. Recently he is a member of a Czech-German-American band called Mr.G & Vagabond.

Besides his home scenes, he gained his experience by performing on music festivals, streets and clubs in Switzerland, Slovakia, France, Holland, and Taiwan.

Now he’s ready and very excited to share all his artist experience with students from „Singing is fun“ school!


Jana Klusoňová

singer | lecturer | vocal coach

I come from a musical family.

From the age of 5, I attended the Bedřich Smetana Elementary Art School in Litomyšl, where I learned to play the flute and piano and went to the choir. We were also born in Litomyšl, which I am very proud of, because this East Bohemian town is the birthplace of many important artists and personalities.

As a teenager, I started singing with amateur bands of various genres and thus gained a very valuable “school”. In 1999, I took part in the national competition of young talents (Talent 99), I impressed with my jazz sensibilities and won third place.

In the same year, I attended private “pop singing” lessons in Prague with the music pedagogue and leading soloist of the Karlín Theater at the time, Mr. Vrastislav Kadlec.

Shortly after the birth of my children, I started organizing themed and benefit concerts, where I also perform myself. Overall, I struggled with a very strong desire for my own musical realization, and even though I had never made a living from music or singing until then, I began to fulfill my own dreams and became a lecturer. (I started organizing singing workshops, seminars, courses and singing lessons).


Jana Jiroušková (GariQ)

singer | lecturer | actress | dancer

Jana was born in Chrášťany, just outside Prague. She first took piano lessons, and at the age of 13 she started classical singing, which she attended at an elementary art school in Prague. She participated in a number of concerts, music shows and gained experience from many beautiful collaborations. At grammar school, she was a member of the choir, which is where her love for polyphony comes from.

The dream of multi-voice then materialized when playing with the Dum Doobie Doobie Band, whose repertoire includes multi-voice rock and roll of the 60s.


As a member of original rock bands, she flew on stage as a soloist, in rock and roll bands as a vocalist, and with the electro-rock duo GariQ, she reached the 1st place on the RockZone radio chart.


She performed at the National Theater in the play “What happened when Nora left her husband”, with which she made it to many foreign festivals.

Currently, she is a permanent member of the ensemble of the RockOpera Prague theater, where she performs as a singer, dancer and actress alongside the best Czech rock singers and musicians.


After returning from maternity leave, a surprise awaited her in the form of a “front-frau” position in the band The Dixie Hot Licks (New-Orleans jazz style), which exposed her to another musical landscape: improvisation and scat. He is mainly on the road with the band in the summer and roams not only Czech stages but also foreign festivals (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lithuania…), which also have the world’s biggest jazz stars on the program.

She started teaching singing after completing her studies at the International Conservatory. He teaches adults and children, Czech and English, and respects the individuality of students. The human voice fascinates her and she continues to educate herself at various voice or composition workshops and online seminars with Czech stars in the field as well as foreign lecturers.

And when he has some alone time left, he hangs out with a looper and layers. 🙂


Danka Stark

singer | lecturer

I come from eastern Slovakia, from a beautiful city called Košice. I was guided to music and dance from a young age, because my parents were among the best dancers in the Čarnica folklore group. This was also reflected in the fact that at the age of six I started attending an elementary art school, where I chose to play the violin and where I had to play in the dulcimer band as well. Later, at the age of eight, I started dancing in a folklore troupe, which I devoted myself to for about 15 years.

I participated in several music and dance competitions, concerts and festivals not only in Slovakia, but also abroad.

While studying at university, I started my own funk band, in which I was the lead singer. We composed our own stuff, recorded the first album and video clips for some songs.
I also worked as a vocalist in the band ABBA Slovakia, with whom we toured Slovakia and Hungary every year. This collaboration taught me an incredible amount and gave me one of the most powerful musical experiences. The band and I had the opportunity to perform at one of the biggest music festivals in Europe – the SZIGET festival, where we played for more than 70,000 people.

That’s when I realized that I wanted to devote myself to music full-time, so I moved to Prague. I studied pop singing at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and then jazz singing at the Jaroslav Ježek Higher Vocational School, and I am still looking for other music courses and workshops that would take me further.

You can hear my voice at various corporate events and weddings, where I perform with the band PartyLeaders, or in hotels, where I perform only as a duo – piano and vocals.
In my spare time, I try to devote myself to my own work, but it will see the light of day when the right time comes.

In terms of practice, I have been teaching for more than 10 years, not only children, but also adults. It’s something I enjoy and find fulfilling. I believe that anyone can learn to sing if they want to. So if you feel like it, I would be very happy to help you with that.


Bara Klara

singer | lecturer | moderator

I have a pedagogic education, I enjoy imparting knowledge and finding new ways to a sound voice and a more satisfied self. I enjoy meeting people, getting to know them and trying to understand them.

For about 20 years I have been performing on the stages of jazz clubs, festivals, churches, at weddings, private celebrations, corporate events and international conferences. I led music / voice workshops (also under the auspices of the Hlasohled organization). As part of my author readings (see the published books section in my CV), I sing and involve children in music-making in various ways.

In 2000, I went to Iceland with a chamber choir from Prague as part of the Voices of Europe singing project, where our European choir (a hundred members in total!) also sang with Bjork. In 2021, I recorded and released an album of my lullabies “Jasmine Lullabies” on my own label (www.kvaga.cz) and in October 2023 I organized a concert of my own original songs “Névýchovný koncert” (see recording on my YT).

I also make a living as a presenter and VoiceOver artist. For several years, my voice was heard on television, where I presented the following TV program (ČT 1, ČT 2). I also narrated an audio/book for Albi from the Magical Reading edition (Vastilveda, geographical part).


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singer | lecturer
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