singer | lecturer | vocal coach

“Listen to your voice and it will love to listen to you.”

Jana Klusoňová comes from a family of musicians. From the age of 5, she attended the Bedřich Smetana Elementary Art School in Litomyšl, where she learned to play the flute and piano and joined the choir. She was also born in Litomyšl, which she is very proud of, because this East Bohemian town is the birthplace of many important artists and personalities.
As a teenager, she started singing with amateur bands of various genres and thus gained a very valuable “school”. In 1999, she took part in the national competition of young talents (Talent 99), impressed with her jazz sensibilities and won third place.

In the same year, she attended private “pop singing” lessons in Prague with a music teacher and leading soloist of the Karlín Theater at the time, Mr. Vratislav Kadlec.
Shortly after the birth of her children, she started organizing themed and benefit concerts, where she also performs. Overall, she faced a very strong desire for her own musical realization, and even though she had never made a living from music or singing until then, she began to fulfill her own dreams and became a lecturer (she started organizing singing workshops, seminars, courses and singing lessons).


She was educated in the field of music therapy, attended singing workshops in the Czech Republic and abroad (Germany). A major milestone was a singing workshop with the British singer and songwriter Verity Standen, after which she decided to open her own private “school” VOICE.
Thanks to this bold step, in 2017 she was included among the TOP 20 entrepreneurial women of the year in the “entrepreneurial woman” grant program, which is organized by the AMSP association (association of small and medium-sized enterprises and tradesmen of the Czech Republic).


She is a great admirer of the human voice and a supporter of its potential.
The singer, author, lecturer and founder of the School of Voice and Popular Singing in Litomyšl approaches singing and working with the voice in general with a unique and interesting perspective, and tries to be the kind of teacher she herself was always looking for.
He is currently engaged not only in voice guidance and lecturing, but also in working with children – in connection with nature in a forest nursery school.

As a singer, she fulfilled several dreams:
– She has sung at prestigious musical events such as “Smetanova Litomyšl” &  “Prague Spring”.
– A concert of Věra Špinarová’s songs (2018) with the Big Band
– She overcame the paralyzing stage fright she suffered at every performance
– She learned to control her voice so that she is able to interpret any genre of music


As a lecturer:
Voice programs and workshops: “Unlock your voice”, “The power of your voice”, “Master your voice”
Regular Christmas musical with Overlap (Proceeds go to help a selected family)
“Awakening” and “setting” the potential of the human voice
Supporting and motivating guidance in singing lessons and voice work in general
Passing on one’s own experiences with a great deal of empathy for any situation or problem
She practices intuitive pedagogy, which, according to her, is incredibly important due to the individual approach to each student.
He hosts voice workshops with other interesting guests
Founder of the HLASU and Popular Singing School Litomyšl/Pardubice more at https://www.facebook.com/Skolahlasu
On the blog www.janaklusonova.cz, she publishes blog articles about singing and connecting the context of singing with our inner “self”. It focuses on “unblocking” various fears when singing, when for this work it applies the “so-called Intuitive singing”, or singing, which is a natural activity for each of us and leads to authentic expression and healthy self-confidence.