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How to order singing lessons?

It is really easy. First, fill out the APPLICATION, thanks to which we will have basic information about what your goal & direction is, and we will contact you immediately and arrange the date of the first singing lesson.

Booking lessons

One-off lessons are suitable:

You can find discounted price packages in our price list. Packages are limited in time.

Lessons take place Monday – Friday from 1:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Weekend lessons by arrangement.

Dates are agreed individually with each student according to the time availability of both parties.


Bank account: 1189014039/3030
IBAN: CZ23 3030 0000 0011 8901 4039

In the message to the recipient, please always include your name and the date of the singing lesson.

We do not accept cash payments.


Our classrooms

J. Želivského 2200/2 Prague 3

Main entry to building of Nákladového nádraží Žižkov

1st floor, then take a right and you will find the doors with the name SINGING IS FUN.




After we recieve your payment, we will send you an invitation for the lesson, to your email. You will need to confirm either “YES” or “NO” on each invitation to a lesson. If you choose “NO”, the lecturer will contact you with a proposal for another possible date. If you choose “YES”, this means that you agree with the proposed date of the lesson. 

IF you need to reshedule a lesson, it must done by 9AM the day PRIOR to your currently scheduled lesson. For more information please see the Cancellation lesson below.


If you know that you will be late for your lesson, please inform your teacher. The teacher is expecting you and may worry about you.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend the lesson because other students have paid for the hour right after yours. Please make sure to arrive on time for your lesson, even during rush hour.


You can easily cancel your agreed-upon lesson via SMS message, email, or message on the teacher, but no later than the day before at 9 am. If you fail to do so, the lesson will be forfeited, and it will be automatically deducted from your subscription.

In the event that the teacher cancels the lesson, it will be rescheduled at the nearest possible time.


If the teacher cannot attend the lesson, they will find a replacement time for you or arrange for another SIF teacher to conduct the lesson. Each of the teachers is an active singer, and it can happen that they have a performance, recording, workshop, or are ill. However, we want to ensure that your education continues. It is essential to work regularly on yourself. Our teachers are excellent mentors and are happy to help you with your training.


If you know that you will be leaving, please let us know in advance so that we can give the opportunity to another student who will gladly take the extra lesson. If you know that you will be unavailable for an extended period (approximately one month), the subscription remains valid, and you can resume your education upon your return.

If you plan to be away for more than two months, we recommend using individual lessons. You can purchase a subscription of your choice upon your return.

Lessons are taught even during holidays and on holidays (except for December 22-26, 30-2.1.), but you can always check with your teacher. If you need training during these periods, you can arrange it individually with your teacher.


If you have decided on individual or prepaid lessons and have already scheduled the first lesson, you need to send the payment no later than two days before this lesson to ensure that the money arrives on time in our account. If the payment does not arrive on time, the student is not entitled to the lesson.

Please keep track of how many hours you have already used. Once the second-to-last paid lesson is completed, and you wish to continue your education, do not forget to send the next payment. We recommend checking our website for any changes to the terms (price, prepaid hours, etc.). You will always be informed of the approaching end of your subscription by your teacher, but it is always better to have an overview of your subscription.


The student does not attend classes under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

The student is aware of their health condition and does not endanger the lecturer or other students. In the case of viral diseases and other infectious diseases (such as angina, flu, skin diseases), notify your lecturer of this fact. Consult with your doctor or lecturer to determine whether it is appropriate to attend the class. It is possible to cancel the lesson at any time in this case, see Cancellation of the Lesson.

We organize various seminars and workshops outside of regular singing classes. If you are interested, you can get information from your teachers or follow our FB page. You will also be given access to the ‘SIF Students’ group, so you can learn more.

Thanks to SIF, you can participate in various events and performances that we organize for students at your level. We want you to not only sing in the shower but also try performing on stage in front of people, test how it goes, and find out what you can improve for next time. Ask your teacher for information on how to participate in these performances, what needs to be mastered, and how to prepare.

Within SIF, you can also sing in a recording studio, gain a new experience, and also get the result on a USB key or receive it by email. Please note that recording in the studio, as well as the associated teacher’s work, is not included in the subscription price. Only a student who has already completed a substantial part of the training and has practiced a specific song for recording in the studio can use this option. You can get information about prices from your teacher.

Every student also has the opportunity to obtain a SIF certificate, which serves as an indicator of what the student has already mastered (see the notice board in the classroom). Ask your teacher how far you are from obtaining the next level of SIF.

If you don’t have a place to practice, disturb your neighbor with your singing, or don’t have a microphone at home, we have a space prepared for you where you can train even without a teacher. This offer applies only to our students (current and past). You have the opportunity to practice with a piano, microphone, backing track or acoustic guitar. However, only one student can be in this space at a time. If you are interested, contact Beego Shea via SMS or Messenger message (see the Contacts section).


You have the opportunity to choose your mentor.
We all undergo training so that we can be uniform in teaching and provide you with the maximum. However, each of the teachers is also original. It’s up to you who you will feel comfortable with.

We also offer the opportunity to try out multiple teachers, just arrange it in advance.
It can have a good effect on your singing. Sometimes the same thing can push you forward, but said differently.

If you have any own performances/competitions/recording of your own creation, you can ask your teacher for help. Each lesson is individually set up for you. We have a plan for you, but if there is something that has a “deadline”, let us know so we can adjust your training.

If you practice at home and are not sure if it is correct, arrange with your teacher to send them a sample. The teacher will get back to you as soon as possible to help you. Please note, however, that the teacher does this activity in their free time, and send short recordings.

– fluids (water, tea, …)
– notebook to write down notes and tasks for your next training
lyrics to songs you practice with your teacher
– comfortable clothing