HEAR MY VOICE 2023 – performance by Singing is Fun students

The Singing is Fun students held their 5th annual “HEAR MY VOICE” performance on Sunday, April 23, 2023, at the cozy Elpíčko club in Prague. Thirteen beginner and advanced singers eagerly took to the stage that evening, experiencing a range of emotions from nerves and rapid breathing to excitement and a sense of stepping out of their comfort zones.

While some performers were taking the stage for the first time ever, others were returning after a long hiatus. Even the advanced singers faced a new challenge: performing with a band they had never played with before. The performances ranged from metal, pop, and rock to soul, with some students even showcasing their own original music.

The audience, which included family members, friends, former students, and supporters, was thrilled and surprised by the diverse range of talent and unique performances. The event also provided a valuable opportunity for students to connect, share experiences, and find inspiration from one another.

Singing is Fun’s customized approach to vocal training aims to help students learn to work with their voices, control stage fright, and express their emotions through song. Each singer chose a song that was closest to their heart and received personalized coaching to prepare for the event.

Prior to the concert, the singers had the chance to rehearse with the band and test the sound and microphone. Although the adrenaline was high, the evening was designed to help everyone feel comfortable and confident.

The concert wasn’t a competition, but rather an opportunity for students to push themselves out of their comfort zones and gain new experiences. Becoming a singer, much like climbing a mountain, requires guidance and support, and Singing is Fun aims to provide just that to its students.

People have different goals and aspirations, with some waiting to climb Mount Říp, others preparing for Sněžka, while some are already climbing Gerlachovský štít or scaling Mont Blanc. But no matter where you are on your journey, there is always room for growth and improvement. We all carry our own burdens of fears, insecurities, and doubts.

Having trustworthy guides and mentors can make the journey easier. They can provide support, advice on where to step and what to avoid, and help you enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Congratulations to all performers for their great performances, and thank you to the audience for the wonderful atmosphere. ❤

Do you even know how difficult it is to step on stage for the first time in your life? How hard it is to endure all those emotions and not ruin your moment, for which you have been working so hard and promised yourself that you would simply fulfill your dreams?

Hats off to all the students who performed at the “Hear My Voice” Singing is Fun event on Sunday, whether it was their first time or not! Because they are all wonderful people with unique voices, and they were all great!

…I think that every event that our beloved boss Beego comes up with is full of interesting support and “special positive motivation” that makes us want to be better and better…

I can’t wait for the next performance, not only because of our “divine Beego,” who is a fantastic singer, a very warm and beautiful woman and a teacher, but also because we will all meet and sing together…

Students, teachers, musicians and friends!… Because what is happening, has happened, and will happen is simply the BEST!… So #followyourdreams and see you on stage, in the classroom, at a singing workshop or over a beer.

Your lector Janicka
Jana Klusoňová
Jana Klusoňoválector Singing is Fun

A co na to naši studenti?

I enjoyed the evening. After five years, I experienced the feeling of standing in front of an audience again, and it showed me at least what to focus on. Until then, I thought everything would go smoothly. It was well-organized, and every performance was different and entertaining. I also need to learn to feel comfortable in front of a non-metal audience 🙂 .
Alexandra Pojarová
Alexandra Pojarovástudent Singing is Fun
It was a beautiful afternoon. There was an incredible concentration of people in such a small space who want to push their boundaries not only through singing but also by pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. The emotions were amazing, and I secretly shed tears of happiness throughout the whole evening.
Kateřina Smekalová
Kateřina Smekalovástudent Singing is Fun
Interesting mix of adrenaline, excitement, and on the other hand, almost paralyzing fear 🙂
I felt a supportive atmosphere, seeing others on stage was very motivational and inspiring. The band was absolutely perfect. Looking forward to the next time 🙂
Magdaléna Matoušková
Magdaléna Matouškovástudent Singing is Fun
Hello! For me, it was great. It had a beautiful relaxed atmosphere where you could feel that we were supporting each other. The environment and organization were also great, Elpicko was perfect for it. Every singer should definitely try it at least once to know what it’s like. And next time, I will definitely go for it 100% again!
Ľubomír Kračun
Ľubomír Kračun student Singing is Fun
Singing on a microphone and in front of people was a new experience for me and stepping out of my comfort zone. I don’t like to put myself out there because of possible reactions from others. However, I often find out that people see me better than I think. So go for it and DON’T BE AFRAID 🙂
Zuzana Konrádová
Zuzana Konrádovástudent Singing is Fun
This was a new experience for me. The last time I stood in front of people was 4 years ago, hiding behind a guitar. I chose to step on stage with just a microphone myself. It was an opportunity to overcome my fear and stage fright. The feeling of being exposed without a guitar, the accelerated heartbeat, the adrenaline rush, and the first experience with the most professional band. Fear and at the same time a feeling of euphoria.

At the end of the song, you realize that there wasn’t really anything to be afraid of, and that our little beloved blonde braids girl in the audience supports you incredibly. Next to me, in my case, I had my “coach” Lukyn, who gave me an incredible amount of energy and confidence at that moment. Last but not least, my “thanks for the support” goes to my instructor Janička, who constantly gives you her beautiful smile and her vibe transfers to you in that moment. Of course, I can’t forget about my family, who always supports me in my “ideas”. This whole experience pushed me forward and I look forward to next time.
Elishka Suková
Elishka Sukovástudent Singing is Fun
The student concert was awesome!
A super pleasant event where everyone supported each other.
It was really nice to have the opportunity to meet other students and hear their musical stories.
The band was simply amazing!
I would go for it again anytime.

I am very happy for all the work we did together on the song and I hope I managed to bring it there at least a little bit.

Thanks a lot, you are great and I immensely enjoy and get inspired by our lessons together.
Hanka Venclová
Hanka Venclovástudent Singing is Fun

Big thanks to:


  • Jakub Doležal (klavír)
  • Tomáš Fuchs (kytara)
  • Vitěslav Patočka (rytmika)


  • Beego Shea Hebert
  • Jana Klusoňová
  • Lukáš Grüner

Club Elpíčko:

  • Patrik Michek
  • zvukař Petr

Club Elpíčko


  • @pavla_hartmanova_photo



  • Zuzana Konrádová
  • Elishka Suková
  • Magdaléna Matoušková
  • Annie Avakjanová
  • Alexandra Pojarová
  • Alberto Pennacchia
  • Hana Veclová
  • Andrea Kalousová
  • Jan Zifčák
  • Pepa Knězů
  • Kateřina Smekalová
  • Ľubomír Kračun
  • Jakub Pazderka