HEAR MY VOICE 2024 – performance by Singing is Fun students

The 6th annual “HEAR MY VOICE” performance by Singing is fun students was held on Sunday 28 January 2024 in Prague, at Club Elpíčko.


10 beginner and advanced singers appeared on stage, who devoted their entire training to this evening. The evening was moderated by the Singing is Fun (SIF) lecturers. The singers were supported by our home team musicians, who supported our students in this concert format for the umpteenth time.

“Concern, nervousness, fear, but also enthusiasm flowed through the air.”

Even though the students and their lecturers were preparing for this performance, for everyone this concert meant something new, something you couldn’t even imagine.

For some it was the very first performance in their life, for another it was the first time singing in a long time, singing in front of people they don’t know, singing without lyrics, singing into a microphone, singing for yourself, playing a musical instrument and singing or performing on stage with a band they’ve never played with before. What will it be like? What will they say about me? Am I making a mistake? I’m very afraid I probably won’t be able to do it….this is the normal reaction of students before the sound check:)

“It only takes one step to make the podium your home”

The audience is a very important factor in overcoming the fear of performing. Fear and anxiety come from within, but the external environment also affects the fear factor. These may be memories from avoiding bad experiences or a lack of support that students suffered in the past.

And that’s what we’re trying to change here. To have one concert that will create the cornerstone of a beautiful feeling from the stage, where they will love to return. This Sunday, whole families, children, friends, partners, but also students came to support them, who wanted to see how it was going, so that they would have motivation for the next performance. Former students who know this concert and like to come back to support have also arrived.

There are other benefits of meeting students in one place – there is networking, sharing and finding out that they have similar stories. A new community of like-minded people is emerging. Singing at home in the shower, in the car, and then at the piano or with your own guitar, learning to work with your voice, controlling stage fright, letting your emotions into a song, learning how to handle and sing into a microphone and being yourself – all this is part of the training.

Each of the singers had something to look forward to and something to fear. We were there with them from start to finish. We gave them the courage to do everything because we know their potential. Our tutors practiced with the students a song of their own choosing, a song that was closest to their hearts.

We sang together, while the musicians played their instruments, and then each student could try to stand on stage with the band and test the microphone and sound. Then it was just waiting for the audience. Adrenaline was great, but the whole evening was arranged in such a way that everyone felt comfortable and safe.

This show isn’t about who’s the best, it’s about finding the courage to push yourself a little further. Gain new experiences, accept challenges and learn to overcome your fear.

When the festive evening ended, we stayed for a while at the same table with our Alberto ‘the Jukebox’ and ended by singing songs together with the guitar.

“More training – better memory and confidence.

More concerts – lower fear level.

More experience – the more joy from the given moment. “


Congratulations to all the singers for their great performances and to the audience for the friendly atmosphere. ❤❤

Photos from the performance “Hear my voice 2024”

And what about our students?

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