HEAR MY VOICE 2019 – performance by Singing is Fun students

In the center of Prague, on March 3rd, 2019, a unique and unforgettable performance took place at the renowned Celetná Club, bringing an incredible dose of music and emotion. On this stage, a variety of talented singers took turns, many of whom experienced the premiere of their performance.

A total of 27 performers gathered on one stage, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Among them were 18 promising students who are learning the art of singing with us at Singing is fun, and two guests who enhanced the overall experience with their performances. Together with our talented instructors and amazing musicians, they formed a unique musical ensemble.

This magnificent concert, titled “HEAR MY VOICE,” aimed to provide students with the exceptional experience of singing with a band and witnessing how their voice influences the audience’s reactions. During the 2.5-hour performance, we had the opportunity to listen to one amazing voice after another, creating beautiful harmony.

Each of the performers was unique, bringing their own talents and personality to the stage. That’s where the beauty of music lies – in the fact that each of us can find our unique voice and express ourselves through it.

Such performances help our students overcome fear and gain confidence in public performances. They can be inspired by other participants, take recordings from their performances, and work on their improvement during future singing lessons. That’s the advantage we offer at Singing is fun – the opportunity for growth and enhancement in the field of singing.

Join us and discover the power of your voice. Let it resonate in the world of music and embark on an amazing journey of development and joy of singing.