HEAR MY VOICE 2018 – performance by Singing is Fun students

On May 20, 2018, we organized a unique outdoor performance for our talented students. We had the privilege to welcome them at Letná Park, where another fantastic edition of the event called “Hear my voice” took place. This time, we decided to step outside the usual boundaries and offer an experience under the open sky.

We prepared all the comforts and entertainment for our students for this occasion. We spread blankets on the grass so that everyone could sit comfortably and enjoy an evening filled with music and singing. Refreshments were available to ensure everyone had the energy to express their talents.

On the stage, young enthusiasts took turns, eager to share their voices with the audience. Some of them felt immense joy and anticipation, looking forward to the moment they would perform in front of the spectators. However, we were aware that some beginners might feel pressure and nervousness. That’s why we prepared a special part of the program to help them overcome their fears and provide an opportunity to learn how to deal with stage fright.

Our founder, Beego Shea from Singing is Fun, who recently welcomed a new member to her family, decided to include her little one in this wonderful musical adventure.

The entire performance was delightful. Each of our students chose a song they loved and diligently practiced it with their instructor. The talented guitarist Karol Komenda and Alberto Pennacchia, also known as Albert Box, provided beautiful accompaniment for our aspiring and advanced singers.

After warming up our voices together, everyone joined in, and then the students had the opportunity to shine on their own. It was fantastic to see how each of them gradually forgot about their stage fright and simply enjoyed the power of the moment.

What was incredible was the reaction of the people around us. They started gathering around and curiously asked if they could sit down and enjoy the musical experience. Within moments, we had a crowd of listeners who settled on our prepared blankets, immersing themselves in the magic of the performance.

This event was somewhat like busking, but our students had the advantage of singing on a beautiful lawn, surrounded by other music enthusiasts. It was a wonderful gathering of people with different musical talents and passions, coming together in a unique musical environment.

We look forward to bringing more events like this in the future and providing our students with opportunities to express their creativity and passion through singing and music.