singer | lecturer

“Listen to your voice and it will be happy to listen to you.”

I come from eastern Slovakia, from a beautiful city called Košice. I was guided to music and dance from a young age because my parents were among the best dancers in the Čarnica folklore group. This was also reflected in the fact that at the age of six I started attending an elementary art school, where I chose to play the violin and where I often played in a dulcimer band. Later, at the age of eight, I started dancing in a folklore troupe, which I devoted myself to for about 15 years.

I participated in several music and dance competitions, concerts and festivals not only in Slovakia but also abroad.

While studying at university, I started my own funk band, in which I was the lead singer. We composed our own stuff, recorded the first album and video clips for some songs.

I also worked as a vocalist in the band ABBA Slovakia, with whom we toured Slovakia and Hungary every year. This collaboration taught me an incredible amount and gave me one of the most powerful musical experiences. The band and I had the opportunity to perform at one of the biggest music festivals in Europe – the SZIGET festival, where we played for more than 70,000 people.

That’s when I realized that I wanted to devote myself to music full-time, so I moved to Prague. I studied pop singing at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and then jazz singing at the Jaroslav Ježek Higher Vocational School, and I am still looking for other music courses and workshops that would take me further.

You can hear my voice at various corporate events and weddings, where I perform with the band PartyLeaders, or in hotels, where I only perform as a duo – piano and vocals. In my free time, I try to devote myself to my own work, but it will see the light of day when the right one comes along.

I have been teaching singing for more than 10 years, not only to children, but also to adults. It’s something I enjoy and find fulfilling. I believe that anyone can learn to sing if they want to. So if you have the desire and passion, I will be happy to help you with it.