I come from a musical family.

From the age of 5, I attended the Bedřich Smetana Elementary Art School in Litomyšl, where I learned to play the flute and piano and went to the choir. We were also born in Litomyšl, which I am very proud of, because this East Bohemian town is the birthplace of many important artists and personalities.

As a teenager, I started singing with amateur bands of various genres and thus gained a very valuable “school”. In 1999, I took part in the national competition of young talents (Talent 99), I impressed with my jazz sensibilities and won third place.

In the same year, I attended private “pop singing” lessons in Prague with the music pedagogue and leading soloist of the Karlín Theater at the time, Mr. Vrastislav Kadlec.

Shortly after the birth of my children, I started organizing themed and benefit concerts, where I also perform myself. Overall, I struggled with a very strong desire for my own musical realization, and even though I had never made a living from music or singing until then, I began to fulfill my own dreams and became a lecturer. (I started organizing singing workshops, seminars, courses and singing lessons).