Morasten was born and grown in Ústí nad Labem. She is fan of various different genres across the world and centuries (Middle-eastern music, blues, elektro-ambient, trip-hop, renaissance, baroque, etc.).

In her childhood started visiting „bel canto“ class and partially piano class in the music school. Beside the solo singing, she participated in few choirs (liturgical, gospel) and in the orchestra (swing, pop music).

During the high school, she co-established the blues-rock band H4S, where she participated on composing melodies and lyrics. She sang as a guest in the blues-rock band Blue Condition, or sang blues and jazz covers with the guitarist Jiří Krombholz. Alone she loved to improvize in these genres in various music events with different local musicians. Later she had a duet „Don’t ask, don’t care“ with the guitarist Michal Novotný, with whom she fully improvized in psychedelic-blues style.