A former student of the Academy of performing arts in Prague. Born in Beroun, Czech Republic. Lukas started doing music for a living as a street musician (most of English speaking countries are using a special word „Busker“for this kind of art discipline)

Despite the fact that he comes from Czechia, his home scene is in Nurnberg, Germany, where he still partly lives and where he got most of his musical experience and influence. There he happened to perform most of all his shows and has been collaborating with other artists from the local music scene. He was and sometimes still is performing with bands called „Greet from Street“, „Springleaves & Fire“. Last year he appeared as gues ton their studio albums. Recently he is a member of a Czech-German-American band called Mr.G & Vagabond.

Besides his home scenes, he gained his experience by performing on music festivals, streets and clubs in Switzerland, Slovakia, France, Holland, and Taiwan.

Now he’s ready and very excited to share all his artist experience with students from „Singing is fun“ school!